Matterport 3D Virtual Tours

The Matterport 3D system enables a true 3D scan and model of your listings. Get a true to life digital twin of your listing, which features the “dollhouse” view and walk though. Matterport is very popular at the moment, however there are many different Matterport options, at varying quality. Be sure to ask your operator which camera system they use to produce the Matterport tour! At Windsor Real Estate Photography, we use the Matterport Pro2 camera, which enables the absolute best quality possible. If it’s not the Pro2, it isn’t the best it could be! Give us a call if you want to guarantee that your listing looks it’s absolute best.

Why Matterport?

– True 3D Scan
– Incredibly high image quality, thanks to the Matterport Pro2 Camera
– Opportunity to Integrate Other Media for a Fully Immersive Tour
– Great for Luxury Listings and Model Homes

Best Use Case: Luxury Listings and Model Homes/Developments

Photos, video, and additional information can be integrated directly within the tour. All media will appear directly in the tour itself, giving an immersive virtual experience like no other. Windsor Real Estate Photography is the only media provider in the region to be offering this great experience. Be sure to click the tags throughout the tour to see the different video content added within!

Pair Matterport with Video Content for an unrivaled immersive experience.