Low Martin Mansion

Shooting a one take is an incredible challenge, especially with this many people. Our timing had to be perfect, the framing has to always be on point as we move through the home, and no one can look in the camera for the whole three minutes! The incredible camera work of our cinematographer Ben Cheer and the creative direction of Devon Pastorius brought the Low-Martin Mansion to life!

When coming up with the creative vision for this property, we knew that we had to capture not only the stunning architecture and impeccable restoration work, but to also translate the purpose of the home. Originally built to host some of history’s most infamous, we needed to throw a party!

Showcasing how this piece of history was meant to be seen was hugely important to this project.


Looking for the key beauty features of this property? We have the Low Martin Mansion in all its glory!

Want to learn more about the beautiful and historic property? Let Stephanie, Vern, and Joe be your guides in this informative video.

Make your next listing look this good.

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